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 Clearing Services 
 Visit Visas for On-Board Crew & Passengers
 Crew & Passenger Transportation  

AL ZUMORUD SHIPPING & CARGO L.L.C (AZSC) provides agency services in all U.A.E Ports ( Jebel Ali, Port Rashid, Khalid Port Sharjah, Sharjah Creek, Sharjah Hamriyah Freezone, Ajman Port, Ahmed Bin Rashid Port - Umm al Quwain).

AZSC deals in all sorts of agency services that include management of various types of ships ranging from small tug boats to massive liners that sail the sea.

  • We also deal in supplying different types of vessels, tugs, passenger boats, etc., on rental basis.
  • AZSC Provide husbandry services, such as supply of bunkers, lubes, fresh water, stores/provisions, spare-parts, mail, cash advances, and organising other requirements such as medical, recreational, purchase of air tickets, hotel accommodation,road transport/launch services, communication, postage/petties, and other reserves needed on board etc.
  • Clearing services consist of inward, outward  clearances and stop-overs, all of which are provided in a flash whenever required by our clients, for their respective vessels.

Clearing & forwarding of cargo by sea.

Prepare various cargo documentation, i.e., cargo manifests, bills of lading etc. 

  • We also provide visit visas for on-board crew and passengers, along with sign on/off.
  • Transportation is also arranged for both crew and passengers, that include ship to ship transfers, off shore to on shore and vice versa, and airport transfers etc.

Facilitate crew transfers from and to the vessel, including immigration and customs clearances. 

  • Organise engine and other repairs/maintenance, underwater inspection, cleaning up of tank, bilge, hull & propeller.
  • Appoint qualified surveyors to conduct cargo surveys, chemists to inspect tanks and issue gas-free certification, etc.

In short, our agency is all that you will need to have your work done in a quick, quality and cost-effective manner.